WordUnknown is a fun new word game by the maker of Synonymy

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Type My Music

The best, free, music composing font on the web. Compose online or download and use in any text editor or desktop application.

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Sugar Sweet

A convenient tool for flagging sugar alcohols and sweeteners in your pantry or at the grocery store. Just scan the barcode and see results in seconds.


Audible: Deaf Communications

A revolutionary app that makes phone calls or in person interactions with the deaf seamless and easy.


True Synonymy in the English Language

Three years ago I became intrigued by what I would later come to find is a fairly common question. Even now, upon googling, I see a plethora of questions on the topic: is there such a thing as a "true synonym"?

DIY Alzheimer's Light Treatment Relay

Flickering light at and around the gamma frequency for extended periods of time, brain plaque caused by Alzheimer's is dramatically reduced